Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission Dates: 15 January – 15 March 2023

Thank you for considering submitting an abstract to OCEANOISE2023. The format of the conference includes keynote communications, plenary sessions with invited speakers as well as afternoon sessions whose objective is to challenge current knowledge on ocean noise. This call for abstracts, which will be open from 15 January to 15 March, 2023 concerns the 5mn-talks that will be scheduled every day in the late afternoon. The call will address the same themes as during the chaired-sessions and the authors will be asked to pick-up one of them when submitting their abstract. Unlike the chaired-sessions, the 5mn-talks will not be chaired nor a round table will be organised. Instead, a general discussion (with a glass of wine) will follow around the posters of the day (associated to the talks), where all participants will be invited to informally give their input or discuss with the speakers. Note that the posters will only be displayed the day of the presentation to focus the attention on the “daily speakers”. Nevertheless, the Science Committee may choose to include your communication into the plenary session programme. For that reason, you will be asked to indicate under which theme your abstract falls. Again, on behalf of the OCEANOISE2023 Organising and Science Committees, we appreciate your participation.

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